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Creating email nurture campaigns to increase your customers in 2021.

Essentially, people buy from people they know, like and trust and this trust is built through a multitude of customer touchpoints within your customer journey, but how can you build those touchpoints? 

The simple answer is through email nurture campaigns.

What are email marketing campaigns?

An email marketing campaign is an email sent from a business to one or several warm leads. These campaigns usually consist of a continuous email sequence to build a relationship between the business and the recipient leading to eventual conversions and sales. (Blog how to create an email marketing campaign step by step).

What are warm leads?

A warm lead is someone who is already interested in your product or service as opposed to a cold lead that is a complete stranger and has had no contact with your business in the past. 

When creating an email marketing campaign, we need to build an email list. This list generally comprises of warm leads, and they are warm leads because somehow you’ve gained their contact information making sure the email campaign is NOT the first point of contact you’ve had with this individual. 

The best email marketing campaigns to build relationships!

One example of an email marketing campaign that can build relationships in your business is a nurture email campaign.

What is an email nurture campaign?

A nurture campaign is a series of emails sent to warm leads that aim to build a relationship between a business and a potential customer. They are not only there to promote but also educate, inspire, and position the business as an expert. This is essential to building the know, like and trust of the business and should be one of your sales funnel stages.

So, how can we write an effective email nurture campaign?

Well, generally the sequence will have a starting point, a reason as to why and how you’ve gained the individuals contact details in the first place. 

Did they give it to you in exchange for a free asset? 

Did they sign up for a webinar? 

If they’ve given you their email for whatever reason they’re expecting you to contact them for a reason…so that’s where we start! 

Email 1 Deliver on your offering

Whatever the reason for you gaining the email be sure to deliver on what’s expected within 24 hours of making the offering. 

For instance, if you’ve created a free asset sales funnel and someone has signed up to free content you offered such as a webinar, how to video or PDF manual make sure you send them what you’ve promised within 24 hours. You can do this through email marketing tools available with your CRM partner (to find out more about how to create a free asset funnel blog link). 

Email 2- Start building the relationship!

You’ve probably heard this saying before “people buy from people” and when it comes to delivering a service this is so true. There are hundreds and thousands of businesses offering exactly what you’re probably offering but what sets you apart? 

Why do people come to you as opposed to everyone else? 

These are your Unique Selling Points (USPs) so be sure to sell on them in this email but be modest don’t brag of course.

So, introduce yourself, tell your audience who you are, relate to their issues, and mention how you can potentially solve their problems with examples of your previous work and knowledge.

Bur, remember email two is NOT a sales pitch, simply an introduction to you. 

Email 3- Show your customer you “get it”

When it comes to Marketing every product or service is essentially solving a problem or easing the pain or stress of a customer in one way or another. 

Email 3 is where you display to the customer that you as a company or individual understand the problem like no one else does, maybe you’ve experienced it yourself, or you’ve helped someone with the issue before. It’s all about relating to your customer, if they feel you can understand what they’re going through their more likely to trust you when it comes to advising them on how to fix it. 

This is all part of building the know like and trust that is especially necessary for a B2B marketing campaign and creating a relationship that both parties can rely on. 

For instance, are you stressing about your social media presence? Are you embarrassed to send people you meet to your Instagram? Are you overwhelmed by the time commitment of social media and the impact it’s having on your business and your health?

So, if you answered yes to at least one of these questions it shows that I can relate to how you’re feeling and can relate to your problems.

Email 4- If you’ve got the knowledge… flaunt it!

This email is an important part of the nurture email campaign as you’ve already introduced yourself and your business, you’ve displayed to your audience that you understand their pain points and the struggles their feeling so now’s the time to bring this all together and show them how your service can relieve some of their pain. 

You’ve got to position yourself as the EXPERT!!  

Create a content focused email displaying your expertise to the customer, you can continue to bring in the pain points mentioned in email 3 and even refer to it if you wish but this is your time to shine and show your audience what you know, how you can help and what the next steps are in their journey. 

Email 5- Let’s remind them what you’re offering.

When you received the email address for this lead, even if this was in exchange for a free asset (free asset blog) there would have been a future offering involved. 

For instance, if I provided a free webinar full of social media tips for my ideal customer then my future offering would be a social media management service and I would mention this offering within the initial webinar and throughout the nurture email campaign. 

So, there you have it… your perfect nurture email campaign following from a free asset funnel campaign (link to another blog) if you’ve found this blog useful get in touch today for more marketing tips and tricks or check out our other blog posts! 

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