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How can social media advertising on Facebook supercharge your business?

When it comes to paid social media advertising I always say “no ad result is a bad result”  this seems kind of ridiculous doesn’t it. Because, if you haven’t achieved your ad goals or objectives you would assume that the result has been a negative for your business and your marketing.

But… this is soo, not the case!

Social media advertising is such a powerful tool and should definitely be included within your social media marketing strategy. Contrary to what some might believe it’s not always about specifically gaining conversions and sales there is so much more to it than that.

Social media advertising objectives

There are actually a number of different marketing objectives available when doing paid for social media advertising, each objective is targeted to those users who generally perform the action you are wanting your customers to take!

For instance, if you’re looking to get more visitors to your website, Facebook advertising will specifically target your offering to people they know have clicked through to a website in the past making them thus more likely to do so again. Again, if you’re looking to gain the contact information of potential customers Facebook advertising will target your offering to people who have previously given their contact information to businesses in the past.

The wide variety of marketing objectives available with paid for social media advertising displays to many businesses that a sale may not be their main objective and that there are multiple ways to convert a customer as opposed to the traditional “they go to your website and buy your product”

So now we’ve discussed the objectives let’s delve into the results side of your social media ads campaign a little deeper. The answer is pretty simple really when it comes to social ads you’re not just buying space on the platform you’re buying data. Loads of DATA that will inevitably tell you who is interested in your product, how to approach your audience specifically, and what copy and creative they respond to best.

Very rarely does the first social media ad campaign provide the best results you’re ever going to get, yes there is always room for improvement but the first Facebook ads campaign still shouldn’t be seen as a negative.

Testing your customer journey

So, let’s say you’ve set your audience in Facebook ads manager 20-50-year-old men and you’ve set your Facebook ad to send them to your website to view your product.  You then get your ad results and they weren’t quite what you were expecting. They might show people have clicked on the website but no one has converted, which is obviously disappointing.

Well, here’s the exciting part, although this social ad hasn’t given you what you’d hoped for it’s given you a clear roadmap for your future social media marketing campaign. It’s telling you that if no one converted through your website then maybe the website needs to be looked at.

Is it easy to navigate?

Does it load too slow?

Is there enough information about your product?

These social ad results are showing you that there is something wrong with the customer journey, there is a step between going to the website and buying the product that is missing or perhaps incorrect for the audience. And you wouldn’t have known this without having done the social ad!!

Split testing

When starting your first social media advertising campaign it can be difficult to know which objective. audience, creative and copy to use. At the end of the campaign, you may gain results you weren’t quite expecting, but that’s okay, this is where split testing comes in.

What is split testing?

Split testing is when you create another ad exactly the same… yes, exactly the same, and then change one factor within your social ad.

So, with our current example, we’re going to continue with our targeted audience of 20-50 year old men, but instead of using traffic as an objective (getting the audience to go through to our website), we’re going to use the messaging objective (the audience will be prompted to send us a message). Everything else in the ad, the copy, the creative, the placements, etc are all EXACTLY the same!

And.. the results are in, the second social ad performed much better with more messages than website views turning into conversions for your business.

Split testing within marketing is such a powerful tool because although we may have spent some of our marketing budgets without receiving the conversions we aimed we now know that the audience of 20-50-year-old men is actually interested in our product, they also respond to the ad copy created and are present on the platforms we’re advertising on.

We may have predicted this before but now we know for sure that’s the case and we have the results to prove it. But, that’s not all, we also know that this particular audience prefers to message through their enquries rather than navigate around our website for whatever reason. This means we should edit our future marketing and sales processes to include this as our main social media ad objective for this particular audience. 

When we’re looking to market a different product to different audiences we’ll do the process again gaining the data we need to confidently move forward with our social media advertising campaigns.

Facebook ad rejected

Many people starting their social media advertising journeys have issues with their ads being rejected. If your ad is rejected it may mean that there is some content involved that doesn’t meet the guidelines and restrictions set by Facebook. Check out our top ten reasons your ad may be rejected here:……. and keep them in mind whenever you’re creating a new ad.

To get your account up and running again you may have to add a copy of your ID to verify that the account belogngs to you. This is just a security feature to protect your account from hackers. Failing this you can contact Facebook ad support through a live chat feature and from experience they are very helpful. Contact them here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help for further support and guidance please get in touch today!

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