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Hi, I’m Sydney,
director of social milk marketing.

And, I love milkshakes! Nearly as much as I love helping businesses shake up their marketing.

How it all started

I started Social Milk Marketing with the aim of helping busy business owners to build a consistent brand presence online. Speaking with those running local enterprises I realised that the demands on their time was making them miss out on the power of social media, but in today’s market it’s no longer optional to maintain a profile online. Something had to change.

So, I decided to set up an agency with the mission to support businesses in creating a credible, authentic, engaging, and valuable social media presence that they can be proud of – and Social Milk Marketing was born! Right here on the Kentish coast in Margate.

Who we Help
& Why we love it!

Through quality content, engagement, paid advertising, and much more I’m delighted to be helping a wide variety of businesses get noticed online – from sectors including environmental, beauty, manufacturing, and others. My customers consider me their outsourced social media manager.

My passion is driving awareness through creative content. I find it really rewarding drawing ideas out of people, while adding my own fresh perspective into the mix – my customers are often pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved when you give yourself some creative space.

Equally, as a bit of a number’s girl, I love regularly sharing stats with those I work with to clearly show the brand-boosting power of social media and the difference it’s making to their business.


Outsourced social media
manager you can trust

Having achieved a degree in Media and Communications and gaining extensive experience from helping a range of businesses achieve their online goals, my clients know that my content and strategy is always based on technical expertise, in addition to being customer-focused, and informed by the latest developments in social media.